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New Courses Online’s DevOps training is designed such that it will prepare you on the concepts of 3-tier architecture, principles of continuous development, inter-team collaboration and IT service agility, continuous deployment, continuous monitoring, automation of configuration management. Students also get trained on DevOps Tools like git, Docker, Jenkins, Junit, Puppet, and Nagios which are generally useful for the process of automatingdifferent steps performed in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

Why DevOps Online Training ?

• DevOps job postings increased by 225% among the total IT jobs in the industry.
Average Salary of DevOps is $ 90k per annum.
All the organizations are adopting DevOps to take it as a standard procedure for its activities so there is tremendous requirement for DevOps professionals.

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Devops Online Training

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DevOps Online Training newcoursesonline

Online Training

Our Corporate training is carefully structured to help executives keep ahead of rapidly evolving business environments.

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Self-Paced Training

Our Corporate training is carefully structured to help executives keep ahead of rapidly evolving business environments.

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Corporate Training

Our Corporate training is carefully structured to help executives keep ahead of rapidly evolving business environments.

About Course

DevOps is an innovation that robotizes processes between program development teams and IT tasks groups with extraordinary productivity and dependability. It helps in binding together improvement, arrangement, and upkeep of a product utilizing nonstop updates. Going for shorter advancement cycles, DevOps brings about expanded speed of administrations to the clients and better nature of the applications conveyed.
Using DevOps, an application is written, programmed, and tested section by section. Only if this section effectively passes the testing, another section of the code is added to the current code. DevOps Tools like git, Docker, Jenkins, Junit, Puppet, and Nagios are focused in the course of this online training.

Training objectives of DevOps Online Training Course

Upon successful completion of the DevOps online training course from New Courses Online, students are expected to have the ability to meet the following objectives:

  • Have a total comprehension of the DevOps Ecosystem
  • Learn git and practice programmed Source Code Management
  • Learn Jenkins for Continuous Integration
  • Practice how to develop and test code section by section
  • Learn about the delivery pipeline and Feedback Loop
  • Build a delivery pipeline
  • Gain expertise in use of JUnit to develop test automation
  • Learn to utilize git to store the code of the application
  • Learn to set up developer and tester environment
  • Master the central concepts of Jenkins, JUnit, manikin, git, Docker among other tools of DevOps
  • Become a specialist in utilizing Docker, acing Docker summons
  • Practice diverse use cases of Docker learning best practices of utilizing Docker Volume
  • Create a Docker File
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Learn and practice containerization through Docker tool
  • Learn DevOps tools to develop skills of management of source code
  • Ability to distinguish between containers and VMs
  • Master Ansible Setup, Configuration, Ansible Playbooks, Ansible Modules and Ansible Command Line Usage
  • Learn and mater master-agent design utilizing Puppet and turn into a specialist in Configuration Management and catalogue compilation
  • Learn segments of Nagios and practice framework monitoring using Nagios

How is the DevOps course from New Courses Online beneficial to you?

Experts of the DevOps field are very sought after as with the adjustment of the innovation of DevOps, applications or any programmable features which can be built are being developed and deployed in a more effective manner taking less amount of time.
All the organizations are moving towards DevOps and to take it in a standard procedure for its everyday activities. DevOps engineers are required to acquire a harmony between designer groups and tasks groups, and thus the activity is the blend of software processes and software tools.
New Courses Online presents you with the most updated syllabus which runs in the current trends of the IT industry. Our syllabus is hand-picked by experts of 15+ pears of industry experience. Our instructors train you from fundamental concepts to real-time scenarios so that every student will have industry exposure.

What are the roles of DevOps professionals?

DevOps engineers are required to acquire a harmony between designer groups and tasks groups, and thus the activity is the blend of software processes and software tools.
An example of the roles that a DevOps architect would play in the IT business would be the following:

  • Head of DevOps
  • DevOps Architect
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • DevOps Integrations Specialist
  • Software DevOps Tester
  • DevOps Automation Engineer
  • DevOps Security Engineer
  • DevOps Release Manager
  • DevOps Monitoring Engineer
  • DevOps Engineering Manager

DevOps presents processes which would rather be impossible with the traditional processes like Waterfall or Agile approaches. Organizations that are big or small, are in necessity of DevOps specialists, as the market is requiring DevOps innovation.

Who can Learn?

DevOps engineers are the individuals who are open to programming code to build up an application, all the while understanding systems administration and framework organization of the network.
An individual who falls into the following list of categories are the most appropriate to learn and develop their Cloud computing skills with DevOps.

  • Absolute beginners with no prior knowledge of DevOps
  • Developers working in any other IT technology
  • System Administrators
  • Software Testing Engineers
  • Solutions Architects
  • Software Release Engineers
  • College graduates with CS or IT major
  • Experts of any cloud storage platform
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New Courses Online doesn’t have a set of requirements for its students to enroll into this course; however, a base information of development and deployment of a program application in Java and the command line knowledge of UNIX/LINUX would be useful in following the concepts in a less demanding way.

Training Features

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  • Agile Model
  • Sprint
  • Release process
  • AWS relation with Agile
  • Physical Servers Vs Cloud
  • IAS,SAS and PAS
  • Advantages of Managing servers on cloud
  • Supporting Peak usage with Cloud
  • DevOps relation with Cloud
  • Advantages of Linux over Windows
  • Linux distribution
  • Understanding RPMs
  • Linux commands
  • Shell Scripting
  • Automation
  • Activities can be automated
  • Traditional approach over Automation
  • Different tools supporting DevOps
  • SCM
  • SVN
  • Managing source code with SCM Tools
  • Different between Trunk, Branch and tag
  • Branching strategy
  • Merging strategy
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Managing Hooks
  • Maven
  • Setting Maven on Linux and Windows
  • Running Maven for Build
  • Understanding POM.XML
  • Understanding Seeting.XML
  • Understanding POM Dependencies
  • Managing Dependencies
  • Different Repositories
  • Maven target
  • Understand Profiles
  • Remote Repositories
  • Managing Dependencies with Nexus
  • Integrate Maven with Nexus
  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Jenkins Setup
  • Configuring Distributed Environment
  • Managing Plug-in
  • Integrate Jenkins with different tools
  • Configuring Jenkins
  • Creating Jobs with Jenkins
  • Scheduling Build Automation
  • Deployment Automation with Jenkins
  • Application Server
  • Understand Application Server
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Understand Clusters
  • Logging
  • Deployment/Release
  • Introduction to Configuration management tools
  • Understand CHEF/Ansible
  • Different components of CHEF
  • Write Recipe
  • Create Cookbook
  • Understand knife Utility
  • Understand Supermarket
  • Understand Test kitchen
  • Manage cookbooks at Server
  • Managing Cookbooks version
  • Understand Client bootstrap process
  • User of Containers
  • Docker as Container
  • Setup Docker
  • Create Docker Images
  • Running Docker Images
  • Docker on Cloud
  • ITIL Process
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Understand SLA
  • Understand Priorities


System requirements for DevOps Online Training Course

New Courses Online recommends students learning this course to have a computer with Windows/Mac/Linux as the Operating System running on a processor of i3 or higher. It should have a minimum of 4 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD Storage.

Practice sessions for the DevOps Online Training Course

To practice lab quizzes and assignments, students would have to take the reference of the LMS material available for the DevOps course, to learn how to manage a single instance deployment.


During the period of the course, students will be requested to take different quizzes and assignments designed by our instructors at New Courses Online. Upon clearing these assignments, students will be awarded a certificate course completion from New Courses Online.
Certification from New Courses Online holds high industry value and helps a candidate showcase his or her skills at the time of job interviews.


Pioneer in online instruction for IT courses, New Courses Online is an association which trained more than 50,000 students effectively and proceeding to do so. We have 300+ master mentors with involvement of around 15+ years in various spaces of the IT business. This skill enables our students to take in the course they select for, with no stone unturned. With well-ordered direction in lab sessions and practicals, our mentors at Big Classes enable the understudies with an indistinguishable eagerness from they to convey the classes, which promises you 100% incentive for the cash you pay.
Yes, you will have access to a demo session video of a brief length on the landing page of this course, where you will become more acquainted with the nature of course we offer. It would be ideal if you take note that the demo video is just for an applicant reference and just enables the student to comprehend the look and feel of our course interface.
We give access to all of our students for all the course material for any of our courses for a time of 365 days from the day of enrollment.
Students can interface with our mentors through email, the details of which will be given toward the beginning of the course and anyplace in the middle. You can rely on us for any questions that you look all through the course, till you finish it.
We are more than willing to help the students as far as we can; however, at the present time we don’t give any placement assistance. In any case, we are relying on the administration to start this facility sooner than later. We will update you as often as possible as and when we present the situation help include.

Trainers at NCO have experience of over 15 years in an assortment of spaces of the IT business.

Yes, yet the student must pay an additional expense for this change to happen. The charge contrast would be the same as given at the time of the application.

Yes. Our trainers can be contacted through email, the details of which will be given toward the beginning of the course and anywhere throughout the course. You can rely on us for any questions that you look all through the course, till you finish it.


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I enrolled in the DevOps course by New Courses Online and the training was amazing. The instructor was extremely helpful in addressing even the slightest of the doubts I encountered. The live interactive sessions were very helpful in going in-depth about the concept.

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The real-time scenarios used during the explanation of concepts were really helpful in getting the relevant industry exposure. The trainers are patient and there was support from the team at any point of the day. The lab sessions were seamless, and the instructors are always there to guide you. You can blindly trust the trainer and their guidelines to learn the most from this course.

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The DevOps Online training course from New Courses Online has helped me achieve my dream job in a top MNC. The LMS has really come to my benefit as the reference material was readily available to look at if I feel that I missed to note down some points during the class. I took this course working on a part-time job and their flexible schedule plan was a boon so that I can continue my job and take the training as well.

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