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Become an expert with this course from New Courses Online, in Salesforce CRM, one of the world’s leading and highly sought-after CRMs, by mastering the concepts and understanding the way it makes its impact on the present-day cloud computing solutions thereby changing the way businesses engage with their customers.

Why take the Salesforce Developer?

Salesforce CRM is already in major demand by different businesses handling customers from a variety of industries.
The average salary of a Salesforce developer ranges on the scale of $109,467 per annum.
The average salary of a Salesforce developer, given the circumstances of the market is expected to grow further.

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About Course

Salesforce admin and developer training course from New Courses Online will help our students clear the Salesforce Certified examination. The course is intended to start with giving our students the fundamentals of the technology and then guiding them along while they move towards the topics in depth. After completing the course, students will gain expertise in SFDC, SFDC data model, App builder, Apex, Visualforce, among other concepts.

Training objectives of Salesforce DeveloperOnline Training Course

After successful completion of the Salesforce Developer online training course, one is expected to:

  • Understand and implement the features of Salesforce CRM software
  • Grasp the concepts of Salesforce cloud and Force.com
  • Learn and identify all the different Salesforce building blocks
  • Implement design of portals, reports and dashboard in Salesforce
  • Understand the Data model and the security model
  • Learn MVC architecture and SOQL
  • Learn how to customize apps, perform debugging, and validate data
  • Understand business logic and define business process automation
  • Gain an expertise on the modules of Master sales cloud and Service cloud
  • Have a detailed idea on sales outside and inside, and customer support
  • Learn concepts about Apex and Visualforce
  • Get trained to crack the Salesforce App builder certification examination

How is the Salesforce Developercourse from New Courses Online beneficial to you?

Salesforce CRM is already in major demand by different businesses handling customers from a variety of industries. Once the candidate becomes a certified Salesforce professional, then he/she would be the first preference among others for a requirement at either the Salesforce customers or the Salesforce providers.

Salesforce CRM is in much higher demand when compared to other leading CRMs in the industry. The opportunities are growing exponentially, as due to this demand in the market, more companies are switching to Salesforce CRM solutions more than ever before. This implies there is a job demand for salesforce certified professionals and this course intends to help you in achieving just that.

Who can Learn?

The Salesforce Developer training course is ideal for an individual who falls under any of the following categories:

  • Graduate Freshers who are looking for a job in the IT industry.
  • Software programming developers who are already working in the IT industry but new to cloud computing technology, especially Salesforce CRM.
  • Professionals working in other areas of IT like development, maintenance and testing, who are looking for a change of career.
  • Individuals in businesses with the purpose of expanding their customer base.
  • Sales Executives and Sales Managers with little experience in the industry to gain expertise with the technology to grow their skillset.
  • Individuals with expertise in other technologies, but wish to have detailed insights into Salesforce Cloud to apply the concept for their respective technologies
  • College students who wish to pursue a successful career in the IT industry and especially in the CRM industry.
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As such there are no mandatory pre-requisites to take and acquire expertise on the Salesforce cloud computing technology, but an individual who has a minimum knowledge in the developing field might have an edge. This will help a student to have a better grip over the subject.

Even if the student does not have knowledge on any of the topic mentioned above, our experts will guide you with the easiest form of teaching so that every student will be able to follow the concept of the course and understand it in a deep level.

Training Features

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  • Basics of programming (student with non-coding background)
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Expressions
  • Looping Statement
  • Controlling Statement
  • Class
  • Objects
  • Functions
  • Architecture Apex / Force.com
  • Data Types in Salesforce
  • MVC pattern in Salesforce
  • Collections
  • Debug process and methodology
  • APEX Class
  • Visualforce
  • Apex Classes
  • Introduction to Trigger
  • Triggers in Salesforce
  • Trigger Scope in Salesforce
  • Trigger Types
  • Best Practices Triggers
  • Understanding Trigger Context Variables in Salesforce
  • Understanding Test Classes in Salesforce
  • Building Test Classes and execution
  • Code coverage understanding
  • Annotations
  • DML Statements
  • Insert statement
  • Update Statement
  • Delete Statement
  • Getting data from recycle bin
  • Introduction to Visual Force
  • Enabling VF for your Organization and Execution
  • Creating First VF page
  • Building Page Block Table in VF page
  • Building Form in VF page
  • Controllers
  • Types of Controllers
  • Standard Controllers
  • Custom Controllers
  • Controller Extension
  • Best Practices Visualforce
  • Bulkification
  • Exceptions
  • Intro to SOQL
  • Query formation in SOQL
  • Intro to SOSL
  • Query formation in SOSL
  • DML statements in Salesforce
  • SOSL transformation
  • Batch class
  • Schedule Class
  • Transaction Control


System requirements for Salesforce DeveloperOnlineTraining Course

Students learning this course would need a computer with Windows/Mac/Linux as the Operating System running on a processor of i3 or above, with a minimum of 4 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD Storage. Students would also need to have the latest version of Google Chrome, and doc reader apps like MS Word or Google Docs installed and ready to use for this online training course.

Practice sessions for the Salesforce DeveloperOnline Training Course

The following are among the case studies, inspired by Salesforce, that our expert trainers at New Courses Online will make our students to work on.

Practical assignments during the course:

  • Creating custom web-to-case forms – using Visualforce page code and controller class code
  • Editing a quick create toolbar – usage of Apex code, CSS stylesheets, Visualforce page code
  • Custom interaction logs – usage of Apex and Visual force code
  • Opening multiple subtabs –
  • Using triggers to auto-complete resolution time milestones – using Triggers
  • Auto completion of case milestones – using triggers on case comment and email message

Case studies during the course:

  • Data Aggregation – aggregating monthly and yearly metrics using standard reports and optimize the performance, focusing on crating aggregation custom object using batch Apex.
  • Technical Enablement case study – focusing on prevention mode to solve problems related to predictability of realignment tasks, user role changes, and change in account ownership.


After successfully attending all the lectures and completing all the case studies and practical assignments given by our experts regarding the Salesforce technology, a student will be evaluated to test his or her knowledge.

This could be a question-based test or a final project depicting a real-life scenario. If a student completes this test of evaluation with a passing mark, he or she will be awarded a certificate of completion on behalf of New Courses Online.

The passing mark or grade is determined by the expert tutor who has been leading the course, the details of which will be provided to the students during the course.

Certification from New Courses Online holds high industry value and helps a candidate showcase his or her skills at the time of job interviews.


Pioneer in online instruction for IT courses, New Courses Online is an association which trained more than 50,000 students effectively and proceeding to do so. We have 300+ master mentors with involvement of around 15+ years in various spaces of the IT business. This skill enables our students to take in the course they select for, with no stone unturned. With well-ordered direction in lab sessions and practicals, our mentors at Big Classes enable the understudies with an indistinguishable eagerness from they to convey the classes, which promises you 100% incentive for the cash you pay.
Yes, you will have access to a demo session video of a brief length on the landing page of this course, where you will become more acquainted with the nature of course we offer. It would be ideal if you take note that the demo video is just for an applicant reference and just enables the student to comprehend the look and feel of our course interface.
We give access to all of our students for all the course material for any of our courses for a time of 365 days from the day of enrollment.
Students can interface with our mentors through email, the details of which will be given toward the beginning of the course and anyplace in the middle. You can rely on us for any questions that you look all through the course, till you finish it.
We are more than willing to help the students as far as we can; however, at the present time we don’t give any placement assistance. In any case, we are relying on the administration to start this facility sooner than later. We will update you as often as possible as and when we present the situation help include.

Trainers at NCO have experience of over 15 years in an assortment of spaces of the IT business.

Yes, yet the student must pay an additional expense for this change to happen. The charge contrast would be the same as given at the time of the application.

Yes. Our trainers can be contacted through email, the details of which will be given toward the beginning of the course and anywhere throughout the course. You can rely on us for any questions that you look all through the course, till you finish it.



The Salesforce course from new Courses Online gave me a decent blend of theortical and practical preparation. The instructional class helped me in all territories that I was beforehand vague about. The preparation was extremely educational and viable. LMS pre-recorded sessions and assignments were great as there is a considerable measure of data in them that will help me in my activity. The mentor could disclose hard to comprehend subjects in straightforward terms.


I took the DevOps online course from New Course Online and that inspired me to take on the Salesforce Online training course from this team. The management and he instructor team is very dedicated in giving the best quality syllabus in a flexible schedule so that no student is felt like they are being burdened by the number of concepts they have to study. The LMS and student community is particularly helpful as I am a working professional and this data base helped me to revise the subject whenever I felt that I could spare some time.


New Courses Online has been a one of a kind and satisfying knowledge. The course substance is up and coming and the teachers are industry certified and to a great degree dedicated. The help is continually eager to enable you to out in different courses as immediately as could be expected under the circumstances. Being new in the industry, New Courses Online rethinks the way internet preparing is directed by making it as modern as could reasonably be expected, with most extreme care and moment enumerating, bundled into the a one of a kind virtual classroom. I am very much satisfied with the kind of training they provided.

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