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The Python online Training from expert tutors at New Courses Online, to learn programming with Python with detailed and step-by-step training.This online course on programming with Python covers basic as well as advanced concepts of Python language. Students would learn about Python scripts, unit test codes, data analysis PCA, visualization of data, data-dealing techniques, RMSE, Cross validation, Decision Trees and also cover your basics of game development. You will get acquainted with libraries like PySpark, Scipy, Pandas and more, and learn concepts of web scraping and Python machine learning.

Why take Python ?

Companies like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Mozilla, IBM, Reddit to name a few, will always have requirements for Python professionals.
Average Salary of Python professional is $ 116k
Python ranks second among other programming languages which include Java, C++, Perl, C#.

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About Course

Python is an open source programming language which has become a standard learning for almost all the IT professionals in the present day.Python is easier to learn when compared to other high-level languages. Since it involves writing less number of lines of code, the developer will have a clutter-free code.

Join now in our New Courses Online batch to learn one of the efficient programming languages and become a Python expert.

Expert trainers who have the IT industry experience of 15+ years teach you with the concepts of RMSE, Cross validation, Decision Trees and cover your basics of game development. You will get acquainted with libraries like PySpark, Scipy, Pandas and more.

Since learning it is comparatively easy, it makes a great choice for absolute IT beginners and work on projects that serve purpose. Python is a versatile and if one knows its efficiency, it can be from building websites to analyzing data behind the scenes.

Training objectives of Python Online Training

After successful completion of the Python online training course, one is expected to:

  • Master OOPs concepts
  • Understand the different roles of a Python professional
  • Practice and write scripts in Python
  • Gain expertise knowledge regarding libraries in Python
  • Analyze data programmatically
  • Learn and perform data analysis
  • understand Machine Learning
  • Gain expertise in Text Mining
  • Write and validate Machine Learning algorithms
  • Develop from the fundamentals to web designing
  • Understand and solve problems with machine learning
  • Learn and practice visualization of data
  • learn the methods of Predictive Modeling
  • Learn and master automation
  • Perform Sentimental Analysis
  • learn how to and master unit test code
  • Build applications from scratch with the help of real-time case studies

How is the Python course from New Courses Online beneficial to you?

Python programming language stays as one of the IT world’s favorite skill since years, and also ranked as the second most popular programming language skill to have. With the demand a little more than the supply of Python programming professionals, there are a number of requirements in various industries.

Machine learning is what we hear as a common term these days in the IT industry. Every business wants to reap the benefits by engaging in machine learning and Python equips the data engineers with the required set of tools to make things simple and quicker.

Who can Learn?

Python can be learnt by any individual falling under the following groups:

  • College graduates with no prior IT knowledge or experience
  • Web developers who want to change course with Python programming
  • Aspiring Data analysts
  • IT professionals working as a developer with other programming languages
  • System administrators
  • Software testing professionals
  • College students still pursuing graduation courses, to improve their chances at campus placements
  • Project managers for Data Analytic skills
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No prior software or IT industry skills are mandatory to learn Python. However, for those who want to excel in the Data Analysis skill of Python would need a basic understanding of data analysis so that applying Python would become easy.

Training Features

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  • Course Introduction
  • Course Curriculum Overview
  • Python 2 vs Python 3
  • Command Line Basics
  • Installing Python
  • Big Data vs. EDW
  • Running Python Code
  • Git and Github OVerview
  • Introduction to Python Data Types
  • Numbers
  • Variable Assignments
  • Introduction to Strings
  • Quick Print Check
  • Indexing and Slicing With Strings
  • String Indexing
  • String Slicing
  • String Properties and Methods
  • List in Pythons
  • Comparison Operator in Pythons
  • Chaining Comparison Operator
  • If Elif and Else Statements in Python
  • For Loops in Python
  • While Loops in Python
  • Useful Operators in Python
  • List Comprehensions in Python
  • Python Statements Test Overview
  • Methods and the Python Documentation
  • Functions in Python
  • Overview of Quick Function Exercises #1-10
  • Functions #1: print Hello World
  • Functions #2: print Hello Name
  • Functions #3 – simple Boolean
  • Functions #4 – using Booleans
  • Functions #5: simple math
    • Object Oriented Programming – Introduction
    • Object Oriented Programming – Attributes and Class Keyword
    • Object Oriented Programming – Class Object Attributes and Methods
    • Object Oriented Programming – Inheritance and Polymorphism
    • Object Oriented Programming – Special (Magic/Dunder) Methods
    • Object Oriented Programming – Homework
    • Object Oriented Programming – Homework Solutions
    • Object Oriented Programming – Challenge Overview
    • Object Oriented Programming – Challenge Solution


      • Pip Install and PyPi
      • Modules and Packages
      • __name__ and “__main__”
      • Errors and Exception Handling
      • Errors and Exceptions Homework
      • Errors and Exception Homework – Solutions
      • Pylint Overview
      • Running tests with the Unittest Library


System requirements for Python Online Training Course

New Courses Online recommends students learning this course to have a computer with Windows/Mac/Linux as the Operating System running on a processor of i3 or higher. It should have a minimum of 4 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD Storage.

Practice sessions for the Python Online Training Course

Students will practice the case studies and the practical assignments using the lab environment in the cloud, with the help of our detailed learning management system (LMS). The cloud lab has all the required software and tools pre-installed in it, so the students wouldn’t need to install them in their system again.

These tools help you to execute all the practice assignments and the class assignments in a seamless manner. Our 24×7 customer support team will be always available to help you with any roadblocks you encounter with the installation or operation of the lab environment of the Cloud.


After successfully attending all the lectures and completing all the case studies given by our experts, you will be evaluated to test your knowledge in Python programming as our experts think appropriate. If a student completes this test of evaluation with a passing mark, he or she will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Certification from New Courses Online holds high industry value and helps a candidate showcase his or her skills at the time of job interviews.


Pioneer in online instruction for IT courses, New Courses Online is an association which trained more than 50,000 students effectively and proceeding to do so. We have 300+ master mentors with involvement of around 15+ years in various spaces of the IT business. This skill enables our students to take in the course they select for, with no stone unturned. With well-ordered direction in lab sessions and practicals, our mentors at Big Classes enable the understudies with an indistinguishable eagerness from they to convey the classes, which promises you 100% incentive for the cash you pay.
Yes, you will have access to a demo session video of a brief length on the landing page of this course, where you will become more acquainted with the nature of course we offer. It would be ideal if you take note that the demo video is just for an applicant reference and just enables the student to comprehend the look and feel of our course interface.
We give access to all of our students for all the course material for any of our courses for a time of 365 days from the day of enrollment.
Students can interface with our mentors through email, the details of which will be given toward the beginning of the course and anyplace in the middle. You can rely on us for any questions that you look all through the course, till you finish it.
We are more than willing to help the students as far as we can; however, at the present time we don’t give any placement assistance. In any case, we are relying on the administration to start this facility sooner than later. We will update you as often as possible as and when we present the situation help include.

Trainers at NCO have experience of over 15 years in an assortment of spaces of the IT business.

Yes, yet the student must pay an additional expense for this change to happen. The charge contrast would be the same as given at the time of the application.

Yes. Our trainers can be contacted through email, the details of which will be given toward the beginning of the course and anywhere throughout the course. You can rely on us for any questions that you look all through the course, till you finish it.



The trainers are proficient and intuitive in instructing. The sessions are very much organized with a legitimate substance in helping us to plunge into the Python programming fundamentals. New Courses Online charges a fair amount in the form of fees compared to the other institutes. It is right for their diligent work in consolidating new and advanced courses and its particular use in industry.


Every one of the ideas was secured with no stone unturned. Educator was exceptionally very much clear and focused with real-time scenario assignments. This reduced the time I spent on gathering information from other sources like text books and the web.


New Courses Online has raised the bar of expectations I had from an online training institute. They took utmost care of every individual enrolled into the course right from day. The exchange of views through the student forum was extremely beneficial. I gained different perspectives to arrive at a solution from one problem. This helps me in my day-to-day job enhancing my skills.

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