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Terms and Conditions

All the content including the downloadable training material, any software and any information displayed on this website is the sole intellectual property of www.newcoursesonline.com. By 1. using any information from this website and by using any part of or full content from any downloaded software, training content, any information, any video content (both streaming and downloadable) and 2. by paying for any of the content of this website and for any services offered by www.newcoursesonline.com, either streaming, printable or downloaded you agree to the Terms and Conditions stated below. By using any of the www.newcoursesonline.com’s services and intellectual property, you acknowledge that you accept these Terms and Conditions-

Binding Agreement

  • At the time of Registration on this website www.newcoursesonline.com, by clicking on the ‘SEND’ option, You agree to the Terms and Conditions contained herein. Any user not willing to accept the Terms and Conditions, shall not click on ‘SEND’ and will not be authorised to proceed further to view or any information, content (that includes training material, video content and software) and services such as counseling, guidance provided on this website.
  • www.newcoursesonline.com reserves all rights to make modifications to these Terms and Conditions, and update the Online version at any time. We, www.newcoursesonline.com, are not responsible for informing any user about this change. It is the sole responsibility of the user agrees to check this Website for any changes in these Terms and Conditions. Any website access by any user after these amendments are made to the Terms and Conditions will represent an acceptance of those amendments.
  • The Terms and Conditions laid down here are non-transferable and are directly binding on the Website visitor.
  • All of our Service users (those who pay and enroll for any NCO training course) shall have access to our training content, streaming Video content, downloadable Video content, software, sample tests, audio files, photographs and other intellectual property, and shall be referred to as ‘Content and Material’ for the purpose of setting forth the Term and Conditions of usage. NCO reserves all rights to make any changes to the this Content and Material and we may require users to pay an additional fee to access this updated Content and Material.
  • These Terms and Conditions prohibit any user from transferring or sharing their user ID and password created at the time of Registration with NCO. Any transfer or sharing of the individual User ID or PAssword would result suspension of your account and termination of this Agreement.
  • NCO is not liable for breach of any registered account and the user is solely responsible for the maintenance of the confidentiality of the User ID and Password used to access the user account. It is the sole responsibility of the user to immediately notify our team at info@newcoursesonline.com if you suspect any breach of security of your registered account. By accessing this website, all registered users agree to reasonably ensure that their account access is safe from any breach, stop any unauthorised access and to cooperate with NCO in the investigation and prevention of any such breach.
  • Every user who pays for our services is automatically eligible for a license to use this Website, and its Content and Material. However, such license is revocable, non-transferable, and restricted. The licence is valid only until the time of the completion of the training course that the user has enrolled for. Any breach of any Terms and Conditions laid out here will also entail automatic suspension of this license.
  • Any access to this website’s Content and Material is Restricted per the terms and conditions laid out here. Enrolled users and registered users can access this website and its Content and Material, download, print or save it for sole Restricted use by them.
  • Users are prohibited from sharing electronically or in hard copy, reproducing, distributing, sub-licensing, or replicating by deriving any of the Content and Material without explicit consent from NCO.
  • By enrolling  for any course or registering on this website, you acknowledge that NCO is the sole owner of all Content and Material and your usage is Restricted per the Terms and Conditions laid out here.
  • As a user you acknowledge that any Registration and Enrollment does not in any way authorize you or grant you any Ownership rights to any Content and Material on this website.
  • By enrolling for any of our certification course or by registering with www.newcoursesonline.com you authorise us to use your name and picture in any of our promotional material such as Video or Photos.
  • By registering and enrolling with us you agree to NCO’s of your personal information to contact you about any other certification trainings we may offer. Do note that per the Privacy Policy laid out on newcoursesonline.com/privacy-policy/ we will never share your personal information with any third party for the purpose of marketing or disclose any of your personal information to any third party except if required by law or with your permission.
  • NCO does not guarantee that any usage or access to this website and its Content and Material will be free of any errors or will be available without outage. We do not guarantee any results from the use of the our Content and Material. Any individual, or organization involved in the production of this website, and its Content and Material will not be liable for any damages that may result from its use of or from any restriction on or inability to use the website, and its Content and Material.
  • NCO will not be liable for any failure of defect or delay in performance, any computer virus, any electronic or physical theft, or use of any user data, records or any other material.
  • NCO shall not be held responsible for or be liable for any damaging or unlawful conduct of any third party and any other visitors and users of this Website, and its Content and Material.
  • The Terms and Conditions laid out here are not exhaustive. We hold the discretion to impose other Terms and Conditions in other formats such as printed notices, email, verbal communication, written, video and audio. These shall be equally binding as the Terms and Conditions listed here.  
  • The NCO Terms and Conditions are effective immediately upon your acceptance of these by clicking on the “I ACCEPT” button at the end of this webpage.  
  • These Terms and Conditions will continue to be binding until a user holds a registered account, you are enrolled into a fully paid user account, or until your account and relations with NCO is terminated by us for any breach of above.
  • NCO can at any time terminate your access to your account and its Content and Material
  • We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement and block Your access to the Content and by an electronic notice via email to the email ID provided by you at the time of registration or enrollment. Note that its is your responsibility to keep your contact and address details most up to date by notifying us of any change by emailing NCO support info@newcoursesonline.com. NCO will not be responsible for any interruption, delay or prevention of delivery of this email to you.
  • These Terms and Conditions will be governed by and are bound by the Laws the Laws of India and the courts in Hyderabad, India will have sole jurisdiction over these Terms and Conditions.
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