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Why New Courses Online?

At New Courses Online (NCO), we offer varied services which includes training from experts with corporate exposure, courses curated to match current IT market trends, and topics that are hand-picked that provide industry level expertise.

Students enrolled with New Courses Online are also provided with a Learning Management System (LMS) that has all the videos and lectures of that particular course, which can be perused by the student at a later point of time.

Every course has been designed with utmost care by experts who have been working in the IT industry for more than 15 years. This helps us at New Courses Online ensure that all our students have the most extensive form of training available, that they would not require to seek another reference for information.

Corporate Training

Our instructors at New Courses Online are certified industry experts with an experience of more than 15 years working at the major IT companies. Our trainers would focus on each and every student who enrolls into New Courses Online that they get the required IT industry exposure and make sure that they complete the course with flying colors.

Live Hands-on Online Training

Our live training sessions are led by our expert instructors, so the students will have a fresh experience of interaction with the instructor every time they attend a new session. Our classes are not pre-recorded, giving the students the dynamic hands-on experience with the lab sessions and helping them to acquire the necessary skill to excel in an MNC job in the future.

Self-paced Online Training

Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides the students a repository with videos of class recordings and lab sessions recordings. The access to the New Courses Online LMS repository is given to every student who enrolls into a course, and the access is valid for 365 days.

New Courses Online Learning Portal

New Courses Online offers access to all of its students to a learning portal which enables real time interaction with peers across locations. Students can help each other out by using this discussion forum to post questions of their own, and also by answering other students’ questions.

Real-time Industry Assignments

Tests and assignments given by our trainers during the length of the course comply in similarity with the real-live scenarios and use cases that are being solved currently in the IT industry. This offers industry environment to the students and also gives exposure to the type of issues and solutions that are currently trending in the IT industry.

Lab Sessions

Learning at New Courses Online is interactive and effective, and effective learning is never complete without practical assignments. Instructors at New Courses Online give out practical assignments to students during classes, also conduct lab tests periodically. which can be practiced in the lab environment designed in the cloud. and This helps students gauge their progress from time to time and focus on their problem areas.

Hand-picked Course Syllabus

All the courses offered by New Courses Online have extensive syllabus hand-picked and curated by trainers with 15 years of IT industry experience. The syllabus reflects the current and prospective future trends in the IT market, so a student has to never worry about whether the learning he gets here is useful in the future.

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